About Us
Our staff has many years of experience in the selection, installation
and operation of:

  • Pumps:  Sump, sewage, storm water and effluent pumps

  • Controls:  Level controls and alarms, switches, control panels

  • Accessories:  Rail systems, basins and check valves

  • Tanks:  Water storage, cisterns, septic, chemical storage, PCO,
    water closets, leg, and truck bed mounted tanks.

  • Plumbing Specialities:  Dresser Industries fittings, Con-Stab
    gas fittings, hand tools, faucet parts, gauges, thermometers, and
    a wide selection of fittings, escutcheons,  hard to find parts.

Our primary purpose is serving the wholesale distribution   
channel, but we gladly consult with engineers and
contractors with the selection of the proper equipment for
specific applications.

users are encouraged to contact a local distributor.

                We are...serious about service.